Monday, May 18, 2015

Not so long ago!

Wow... Its been so long since I paid a visit to my own blog! How neglected it looks!!!

I just sort of peeped in here in what looks like years and I am simply sad to see it like this... un-attended! True, the blame is on me but I guess I was kind-of forced to forget this page with a toddler around.

I'm sure you know the drill when it comes to children and mine is quite a handful. While I have been thoroughly enjoying seeing him grow, at the same time I have allowed myself an absence from this space here.

But now I am yearning to be back here and kick start this space, my space, rather, more than ever. Let's just hope I maintain the enthusiasm that I have just displayed here with & that's the challenge I am taking up now!

I have so many comeback stories that I start with but I'm afraid that will just have to wait. I only came here to say hello to my neglected blog :-)

With a promise to myself and to my blog to be regular, I leave now. See you soon!

1 comment:

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